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Refuel from the Inside .

happy customer client satisfied results testimonial

Carly C. 

Registered Nurse 

Ingrid has been wonderful to work with. She has treated both my daughter & husband. She works around our schedules & always makes us feel like a priority. She is a great IV "stick" & is very knowledgeable about chronic conditions. I would recommend her any day!

happy customer client satisfied results testimonial strong

Sonja S.

Personal Trainer & Spin Instructor

After I receive an IV, I experience a number of pleasing results: better mental clarity, improved mood, faster recovery after working out, better sleep, better hydration. I can't wait for my next treatment! I highly recommend IV nutrition!

happy customer client satisfied results testimonial

Joel B.

Retired Artist

The IV Vitamin infusions give me a sense of wellness, a mellow balance of energy, & clarity of thought which continues for several days after. I think this would be especially beneficial to boost energy after expending it, like after hard work or exercise.

happy customer client satisfied results testimonial

Colene M. 

Salon Owner & Hair Dresser

In April of 2011 I was bit on my leg by an insect while doing yardwork. I had been infected with Lyme Disease, but I didn't know that's what it was for quite awhile. I had a black, 4-inch circle with a red center on my leg for a month and by June I was ill; my knees were swollen & stiff. After 2 knee surgeries and 7 weeks in & out of bed, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. For 6 years I struggled with my health. I kept saying it was the bite, and finally my blood tests all together told the story: Lyme Disease. For 2 1/2 years I have done IV Nutritional Therapy with extra Vitamin C. I knew in 2 treatments that it was working. I have treatments every 2 weeks. I now work full time again. I have energy and I'm not sick or tired.

      I have my life back!

I am 66 years old, with plenty of energy to be a wife, mother, grandmother & hair dresser, and to take care of my home and yard. 

happy customer client satisfied results testimonial

Alli C.

College Student

Ingrid is amazing at what she does! She put my mind at ease & was great with getting in the IV quickly and painlessly. 

I'm grateful to have had her as a healthcare provider!

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